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P.G.I. Melon from La Mancha

Melons from the P.G.I Melón de la Mancha are of the Piñonet or Piel de Sapo variety and have an ellipsoidal or ovoid shape. Their skin can be smooth or slightly rough. It has lengthwise grooves. its skin is predominantly green turning yellow as it ripens. The pulp has a creamy white colour. The placental zone is in the central cavity, which is relatively small in comparison to other varieties, where the seeds are found.

From the sensory point of view, the main characteristics of ‘’Melón de la Mancha’’ are the sweetness, high juiciness and low level of fibres in its flesh.
The area of production, preparation and packaging of the Melón of la Mancha is located in the geographical region of ‘Mancha’. It includes the municipalities of Alcázar de San Juan, Arenales de San Gregorio, Argamasilla de Alba, Campo de Criptana, Daimiel, Herencia, Llanos, Manzanares, Membrilla, Socuéllamos, Tomelloso, Valdepeñas and Villarta de San Juan.

The Piel de Sapo melon has been grown for generations in this land. It was most probably introduced to La Mancha by the Muslims , with the first references dating back to the 11th century AD.

Management Body

Regulatory Council of the PGI Melón de La Mancha / Association to Promote the Melón de La Mancha

C/ Pedro Domecq, 2, 13700 Tomelloso (Ciudad Real)

  926 538 216


 La Mancha Melon