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P.G.I Almagro Eggplant

Almagro Eggplant is the fruit obtained from the Solanum Melongena; Dealmagro variety, once is subjected to a traditional conservation process consisting of cooking, dressing, fermentation and subsequent packaging.

The fruit is first cooked for 5 to 20 minutes. Once the fruits are cooked, they are fermented in suitable containers, where the dressing is added and it remains like that for between 4 and 15 days. The dressing has vinegar, vegetable oil, salt, cumin, garlic, paprika and water among its ingredients.

Once the process is finished, this product can be sold in in the following forms: seasoned, stuffed, with natural pepper or pepper paste, in buds and finally cut into pieces. Eggplants are tinned in the same place of elaboration.
The geographical area of production, processing and packaging corresponds to the Campo de Calatrava region, which is located in the centre of the Ciudad Real province.

Dealmagro aubergine is an autochthonous variety which has been cultivated in the area since time immemorial, given that the farmers of the region reproduce it from their own seed. This has entailed an adaptation of this variety to the soil and climatic conditions of the area, giving rise to a unique product. Similarly, for centuries, aubergines have been made to traditional recipes that have granted the final product a great reputation.

Management body

Regulatory Council of I.G.P. Almagro Eggplant.

  C/ Alférez Provisional, 59, 13260, Bolaños de Calatrava (Ciudad Real)

   926 871 565