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International Folklore Festival

Every year, in the second half of July, this national and international reference festival is held, whose aim is to unite people and their cultures through folklore.

A festival that fills our streets with light and colour, where the participating groups perform parades through the city centre and fill the Plaza Mayor with dances. On the following days, the Festival begins in the auditorium where the different groups show the public the typical dances of their countries.

It is organised by the Ciudad Real Choirs and Dances Association (Grupo Mazantini), which has been conducting ethnographic and Manchegan folklore researches for years, recovering old traditions and popular customs, as well as disseminating our music and dance, while also participating in the festival with their dances and Manchegan folklore.

Thus, the visit of the different folklore groups has also served to take the name of Ciudad Real and La Mancha to their respective countries, as well as to create a union between peoples and cultures.

   Second half of July.