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Denomination of Origin Pago Casa del Blanco

White and red wines under the denomination of Origin Pago Casa del Blanco are distinguished from other wines from the region by distinctive features that the land provides, making possible the production of wines with a higher concentration of antioxidants.

The estate “Casa del Blanco” is located in the town of Manzanares, which is found in Ciudad Real. The estate is made up of more than 92 hectares belonging to the winery “Pago de Casa del Blanco”.

The concentration of Lithium in the wines can be considered a remarkable marker in relation to the wine production of the Casa del Blanco estate.

These are wines produced, aged and bottled by the same individual or legal entity that owns the vineyards that make up the estate. All the processes are carried out within the estate itself.

All the grapes come exclusively from the estate. The selection of varieties, the cultural and production techniques and the control of the yields are consistent with the characteristics of the soil and the climate, trying at all costs the biological balance of the vineyard, within the framework of a sustainable agriculture.

Management Body

Bodega Pago Casa del Blanco

Rd. Manzanares to Moral de Calatrava, Km.23,200, 13200 Manzanares (Ciudad Real)

   917 480 606


  Pago Casa del Blanco