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Don Quixote Museum- Library Cervantina

A building that houses the museum which is dedicated to the work of Don Quixote. It is divided into several floors:

The MAIN FLOOR: exhibition hall, where reproductions of ten characters related to Don Quixote are exhibited. The Cervantine Library has a bibliographic deposit of 3,500 copies on Cervantine themes; it also has a Consultation Room, set up for 20 researchers and a room for the digitalization and cataloguing of documents.


Prelude, where 10 paintings with a Cervantine theme by the painter José Jiménez Aranda, who is one of the best illustrators of Don Quixote in the 19th century, are on display. Projection room 1: where a montage is offered that will transport the public to the atmosphere of a Madrid printing house from the beginning of the 17th century. Projection room 2: a relatively short montage on "Don Quixote de la Mancha”;, which combines the projection of images onto a screen located at the back of the room with strategically placed scenic elements.

Assembly hall: with capacity for 90 people.


    Francisco Javier López (Director)

  Ronda de Alarcos, 1

  926 200 457