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Medrano Palace

This building, which is located between Paloma and Cruz Street and dates back to 1924, was ordered to be built by José Medrano over the top of the ruins of the mayor’s house, which was destroyed during the so-called “motín de las Mujeres” [the women’s rebellion], an uprising triggered by a lack of basic necessities. It is currently home to the Offices of the Community Council of Castilla-La Mancha.

The construction materials used were poor quality, namely rammed earth walls and a sandstone exterior, imitating sillar. Its façade consists of an entrance with pilasters sustaining a coat of arms and a pediment cut short by the main balcony. Following the entranceway is a patio covered by a glass roof, with Doric columns below and a gallery covered by a decorative wooden coffered ceiling.

Free admission.

 Opening Times: 09:00 to 14:30 (Monday to Friday).

 Contact telephone: 926 27 94 53 / 926 27 93 05

 Paloma Street, 9, C.P. 13001