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Faculty of Medicine – Puente de Hierro [iron bridge]

Outward journey_9,5 km

Start from the Faculty of Medicine (km. 0), by Camino de moledorescontinue via ‘La colada de los Mártires’ and take left (km. 2.5) to Route of Don Quixote towards the back end of Parque Forestal de la Atalaya. At the crossing-roads (km. 4.8), take Camino de La Torre and start the ascent to the Atalaya by the back end of the hill. Start descending (km. 6,3) alongside the Reino de Don Quijote way, skirting the olive grove, up to the cross with Camino de Valcansado (km. 8.4), then take a right until finally reaching the old iron bridge or Puente de Hierro (km. 9.5).

Return_9 km

Start way back alongside the Reino de Don Quijote estate, keep on by Camino de Valcansado up to Vereda de Moledores (km. 7), and follow until reaching the starting point  (km. 9).