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Holy Week

The maximum artistic expression of devotion in Ciudad Real takes place during the celebration of Holy Week, which has been declared an event of National Tourist Interest. This important week in the capital is an intense experience from Passion Sunday up until Resurrection Sunday.

A total of twenty-four brotherhoods go on a procession throughout the streets of Ciudad Real, with thirty-four highly-artistic processional floats and an entourage of brothers dressed up in traditional tunics. The music, bands and groups accompanying the majority of the brotherhoods or the silence broken by the beating of the drum or chains is used to create an enthralling atmosphere that is very particular to this time of year.

Holy Week is further enriched by the offering of cuisine prepared by bars and restaurants in the city based on typical Lent dishes and holy treats found in traditional recipe books, and is becoming better known through the Confrere Route organised by the Office of Tourism, helping people to discover the centuries-old history of our week of passion.

  Date: March / April.

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   Festival declared of National Tourist Interest

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  Ciudad Real’s Holy Week 2019 agenda (in spanish)