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Ciudad Real Museum

This museum displays the archaeological and palaeontological wealth of the surrounding area. It is divided into two sections:

Palaeontology: This section contains a collection composed of fossil remains from different archaeological sites in the province. It includes staged scenes that help visitors understand the surrounding environment in which these species developed. The upper floor contains the museum’s main attraction, Anancus arvernensis (a mastodon), and the fragments of Stephanorthinus etruscus (a rhinoceros).

Archaeology: This section contains materials from different archaeological excavations carried out in the province of Ciudad Real. Chronologically speaking, they cover the time spanning from the Lower Palaeolithic period to the Middle Ages. It also contains numerous interesting audio-visual elements, staged scenes and mock-ups that help visitors better understand the region’s past.

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   C/ Prado, 4, C.P. 13004

   926 226 896   


   Museo de Ciudad Real – Convento de la Merced