Ciudad Real – Atalaya

Ciudad Real – Atalaya
Starting point: 4.5 km

Starting from the School of Medicine, we take the Camino de Moledores and walk along it until we reach the cross with the road to Atalaya (km 1.4). We cross the road and carry straight on. At km 1.7 When we reach the km 2.5, we take the road to the right. We continue driving to the right again at the km 2.8 and we get into the forest park of La Atalaya (km 2.9). Keep driving straight on along the tree-lined path until we reach the car park (km 3.3). Then turn left and ride 50 metres to take the road on the right. Stay on this road until we get to the km 4 and turn left. At km 4.6 we reach the television antennas and we start the descent.

Return: 4.1 km

We follow the road and at km 5 we turn right. After a couple of hundred metres you will reach the car park. The way back from here is the same as the way you came from.


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2 March, 2021