The diocesan museum

This is a religious art museum inaugurated in 1990 in the goal of promoting and preserving the region’s religious cultural heritage. It is located on the bottom floor of the Bishopric of Ciudad Real, on Caballeros Street, and contains religious works of art that are not used in worship. It contains a collection of works that date back from the Roman period up until the 20th century.

The exhibition space is divided into three rooms. The first room contains paintings and sculptures from the 13th, 16th and 17th centuries, choir books from the 16th century and liturgical ornaments from the 17th and 18th centuries. The second room is dedicated to Baroque art, with an interesting selection of works from the 17th and 18th centuries by artists including Luca Jordan, Sánchez Cotán or Salzillo.

Its patio contains an exhibition of 19th and 20th century works of art, including outstanding pieces such as Joaquín García Donaire’s Easter pieces “Paso del Resucitado” [the resurrected man] or the impressive “La Santa Cena” [the sacred supper] by Faustino Sanz Herranz

  Free admission


 August 16 to July 14

  • Tuesday to Friday: 09:30 – 14:00
  • Saturday: 10:00 – 12:00

 Closed July 15 to August 15


   C/ Caballeros, 5, C.P. 13001

   926 250 250