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The “Pan de Cruz” is covered by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and it is defined as a kind of bread formed by a compact and dense loaf of bread made from wheat flour. It comes in the form of a bulging loaf, with a consistent, white crumb and a smooth crust. This bread is easily recongnisbale by the two deep perperndicular cuts in the shape of a cross found on the front, and by the anagram or logo of the PGI in the shape of Calatrava Cross found on the back.

It is a bread made from hard dough, round in shape, with a thick, soft, crispy crust, golden in colour and with a toasted cereal flavour. Its crumb, white in colour, is soft and spongy, with an intense cereal smell and slightly sweet.

The production area of Pan de Cruz covers the whole province of Ciudad Real although it originates from the region of Campo de Calatrava and more specifically from the area of Almagro, Carrión de Calatrava and Manzanares. For centuries it has been a land with extensive cereal crops and where a great variety of breads are made.

The experience and good work of the bakers has made it possible to preserve and improve the production of bread with its own distinctive organoleptic characteristics, which are recognised and appreciated by consumers.

This type of bread is historically linked to the type of traditional food in this area, mainly based on the cuisine of farmers and shepherds who used to go to the “quinteria”. Since this product has a long shelf life, it could be used either directly in dishes and stews, or as an accompaniment to other dishes. It is ideal to accompany wines and cheeses from La Mancha.

Management Body

Asociación Provincial de Pastelerías y Panaderías de Ciudad Real Afexpan- Provincial Association of Bread Manufacturers and Sellers of Ciudad Real

 Rafael Lorca (President of Afexpan)

DATE. Plaza Mayor, 14-16, 13001 CIUDAD REAL

   699 086 399 (Mª Ángeles Puebla)