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Old Grand Casino


The so-called “Grand Casino of Ciudad Real” was inaugurated on June 7, 1887. It was destined for meetings of the local bourgeoisie. Currently it is a center where talks, concerts, exhibitions, and all kinds of cultural activities are held.
Located in the Prado Gardens, it is one of the most emblematic buildings of our city.


It is the space that distributes the rest of the rooms. It is usually used for exhibitions, cocktails, location of the technical secretariat, etc.


Large Casino room, which can accommodate 200 people comfortably. It has a stage as well as pamphon team.


In a square room, which allows meetings, both for 25 people (in O or U), and for presentations of products (about 100 people arranged in theater). There are about 10 tables provided with clothes.
In this room there are wine tastings, book presentations, press conferences, official receptions, etc. The technical office of the congress can also be located.


It is perfect for small meetings or presentations (35 people in theater). They can also be configured as a small exhibition space. It is used as a parallel room to the main space, which would be the Ballroom.


The basement of the Old Casino occupies the space of the old kitchens of the original building. In the last remodeling of the building the walls were covered with stone, creating a space that simulates an old winery.
This space is perfect for receptions, presentations, cocktails, wine tastings, etc.

   Municipal Office of Tourism (Quixote Convention Bureau)

Plaza Mayor, 1. 13001. Ciudad Real

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