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P.G.I “CORDERO MANCHEGO” (Manchego lamb)

The P.G.I “Cordero Manchego” attests that the quality of the manchego lamb meat without distinguishing between the sex of the animal. These are animals with a live weight at slaughter which is around 22kg and 28 kg and between seventy and ninety days old.

The lambs are fed in stables with mother’s milk supplemented with white straw and concentrates authorised by the Regulatory Council. The minimum period of natural lactation is thirty days. At weaning, feed is based on white straw and concentrates authorised by the Regulatory Council. Under no circumstances may the cattle receive growth promoters or finishers.

The protected carcasses have a weight around 10 and 14kg, have a longilinear profile and slightly rounded contours and harmonious proportions. They are lean meats and considerably fatty meats. They are covered by a thin film which partially reveals the underlying muscles. The fat is white to creamy and has a hard consistency. The meat is pale pink, very tender and juicy, with the onset of fat infiltration at the intramuscular level by giving it a very pleasant and characteristic taste.

The limited production area comprises the following regions:

1.Albacete: Mancha, Manchuela, Centre, and Almansa.
2.Ciudad Real: Mancha, Campo de Calatrava, Campo de Montiel.
3.Cuenca: Manchuela, low Mancha and high Mancha.
4.Toledo: La Mancha.

Management body

 Rd. Peñas, km. 3,200, 02071 Albacete
  9672240 020
  Cordero manchego