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D.O. Oil Montes de Toledo

Extra virgin olive oil Montes de Toledo (DO) obtained from the variety of Cornicabra olives, which is held at low temperatures and solely through the use of mechanical or other physical means that do not alter the characteristics of the oil and make it preserve its aroma and flavour.

In the interior of the Autonomous Community of Castilla La Mancha, comprise 103 municipalities of which 81 are located in the southwest of the province of Toledo and the remaining 22 in the northwest side of Ciudad Real.

On the nose it shows an intense fruitiness flavour typical of the Cornicabra variety from which it comes, with a first impression of great freshness and a total absence of defects. In Its aromas, stand out the combination of olive leaf and other fresh aromatic herbs such as thyme, rosemary, Cistus and basil. Likewise, we can find reminiscent of green apple, tomato and almond along with other flavour such as kiwi, avocado and artichoke. In the mouth it is gentle leaving certain sweetness at the tip of the tongue and moving smoothly to the back of the tongue where an elegant bitterness of moderate intensity begins to appear. The sensation of spiciness in the throat appears in a reasonable manner, perfectly coupled with the values of the fruit and bitterness to give rise to a remarkable feeling of balance and absence of astringency. With great persistence, these sensations accompany us for a long time in the mouth, at the same time and through the retronasal duct returns each of the aromas that we perceive in the nose, intensely fresh.

Its colour varies depending on the period the olives are harvested, being able to go from golden yellow to intense green. Cornicabra Montes de Toledo olive oils have a high content of oleic acid and a low linoleic acid. Their high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants provide them with a great resistance to oxidation, which gives them great stability and quality for which they are highly appreciated. Its acidity is less than 0.5%, with a peroxide index of less than 15.

The Cornicabra variety has a slower growth than the rest and is grown in more traditional plantations that, although they do not achieve the yields of other intensive plantations, allow taking better care of the oil process. Gastronomically they are ideal for raw use.

Management Body

C.R.D.O. Montes de Toledo Foundation

St de la Paz, 3, 45001 Toledo

   925 257 402


   D.O. Oil Montes de Toledo